Viral video: One Direction, Justin Bieber and Kanye West

September 4, 2015 - one direction

One Direction launched action/1D, partial of a tellurian citizens’ movement, in Jul and asked fans to send photos and videos job out for change. Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis introduce a film done with contributions by youngsters from 172 countries. Another song luminary anticipating to make a disproportion is Kanye West, who announced his goal to run for boss in 2020. Jimmy Kimmel thinks the swat star has a lot in common with one of this year’s candidates, Donald Trump. The doubt from Justin Bieber, whose latest video has captivated scarcely 20m views, is What Do You Mean?

A Vine called Duck Army has sent a whole internet quackers, with a horde of spoofs and mash-ups including Duck Army reversed, an Adele mash-up and a Kanye West mash-up. Our possess Keith Stuart has even created his own, that combines Duck Army with a video diversion Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, that is expelled this week.

It was propitious there were no ducks about when rancher Derek Klingenberg went fishing using his drone. This week’s thrills and spills come from PashaBumchik who takes a float on tip of a metro train – don’t try that one during home.

Finally, Game of Thrones fans will adore a shave that turns Joffrey into a favourite of a cult array and Eddie Redmayne’s outrageous fanbase can suffer a hide look during a trailer for his new film, The Danish Girl, in that he plays Lili Elbe. The film is out in a new year and is sloping to win him a second uninterrupted Oscar for best actor. Keep watching!

Kanye West and Donald Trump

1) One Direction – ‘Dear World Leaders’
A new voice

2) Kanye West and Donald Trump Have A Lot In Common
Candid-ate camera

3) Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean?
Misunderstood man

4) The Danish Girl trailer
Eddie nails it

5) Duck Army
Waddle they do next?

6) I held a fish with my drone!!!

7) A float on a roof of a metro train
Hang on …

8) If Joffrey Was The Hero
Jack a lad

9) Honda Stepping
An ad with drive

10) The saddest bookworm
No happy endings

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