Want to Win Josh Devine’s One Direction Drum Kit? Why a Drummer Is Giving It Up

December 7, 2016 - one direction

Josh Devine has had some extraordinary practice in his life—landing onstage as a drummer for a hot, platinum-selling rope One Direction, personification in a band’s films This Is Us (2013) and Up All Night: The Live Tour (2014), and being surrounded by good song and fans. But these days, Devine is certain that a many fulfilling moments in his life have happened offstage, divided from a strike music. we held adult with Devine for my podcast Whine At 9 to plead his work with Food for a Hungry, his efforts to assistance make a disproportion in a lives of those in need, and his preference to give away his One Direction drum pack for a good cause.

It seems that a lot of good things have happened for Josh Devine, arrange of out of a blue. He hadn’t suspicion about any One Direction moments until a crony set a sequence of events in suit that would take Devine on an extraordinary journey. “It was a kind of a array of only like really…crazy events. It was started with a phone call from a good crony of cave who literally messaged me one day on Facebook and said, ‘Hey listen, we imagination personification this Saturday on TV?’ And during a time, we hadn’t unequivocally finished most TV work, so we was like, ‘Yeah certain I’d positively adore to do it.’”

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You could contend that Devine was equally as astounded to find himself in a center of a conditions that would deliver him to a munificent knowledge that would change his life. While during a uncover examination his crony perform, Devine listened to an break pronounce by Food for a Hungry deputy Jeff Gilbert. “It only kind of strike me. we was only like, ‘Dang we need to get concerned with this…I need to go and pronounce to this man and see how we can help.’”

Gilbert, a former world-touring drummer himself, is a non-profit disciple who recognizes a amicable energy and strech of celebrity. “You have this implausible height to be means to share a things that matter to this universe to a unequivocally vast organisation of people that unequivocally listen to you, and follow you, and wish to be a partial of what you’re doing,” says Gilbert.

He and Devine fast shaped a bond as Devine partnered with Food for a Hungry to lift income to assistance a village in Rwanda. Gilbert is a voice of a mini documentary The Hardest Places with Josh Devine that captures a famous drummer’s revisit to Rwanda and romantic assembly with his unite child Evaride.

Watching Devine in a video, it’s easy to see because interruption with his drum pack and charity it adult for a sweepstakes wasn’t a formidable decision. In fact, it was his idea. “It should be going into a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” explains Gilbert, “but instead Josh wants it to go into changing a lives of 42,000 people in East Rwanda.” And it will.

Devine believes that witnessing and training from Evaride and being partial of a boy’s life and associated munificent efforts, have made all of a disproportion in his possess life. “Going to accommodate him….I don’t consider anything can tip that. we can play on any theatre in a world, and we pledge we would never come out feeling a same approach that we felt once we met him.”

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