We Finally Know Why Zayn Quit One Direction: Aliens

July 9, 2016 - one direction

When Zayn Malik quit One Direction over a year ago, a news sent thousands of fans into hysterics, finish with candlelit vigils and even some shaken breakdowns. Later, when a whole child rope announced a split, a reactions were catastrophic, promulgation fans such as Melissa McCarthy’s “little cousin” (she’s indeed 27) into finish panic mode. These were perplexing times, people; there was frequency a impulse to ask “why?” between any hyperventilated breath.

But now, over a year after he initial delivered a distressing news, Zayn competence be here with some answers. In an talk with Glamour, he revealed a reason behind his departure: aliens. Yep—apparently that’s all it was—extraterrestrials. “An visitor spoke to me in a dream,” he said.

It’s tough to discern Malik’s accurate tinge in this interview—is he being facetious?—but we cite to take his out-of-this-world job during face value. Sometimes things only happen. Boy-band heartthrobs pierce on with their lives since aliens prophetically seem in their dreams.

Other, some-more unsentimental theories have been thrown out over a past year as to because Zayn left One Direction: being on a highway is tough, eccentric celebrity is appealing, operative with 4 other dudes squelches one’s changed artistic juices. This visitor one is a many appealing by far, though.

With one little gob of information, Zayn only non-stop adult Pandora’s box. Maybe “Pillow Talk” is about his interactions with supernatural life forms while asleep. The visitor that suggested Zayn contingency have had some flattering plain pointers: date a model, be her date to a Met Gala, wear an outfit that creates we demeanour like we could be beamed adult to a mothership during any moment. Should we all be wearing steel sleeves? What else does Zayn Malik know that we don’t?

Nevertheless, it stays misleading if an visitor also spurred a finish retraction of One Direction.


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