What Did that ‘Future Events’ Tab on One Direction Website Mean?

January 23, 2017 - one direction

By Hayden Wright

What’s a fan village to do when a intent of their fandom (let’s contend a child band) goes defunct? One Directioners have spent 2016 exploring this question, and there are several answers: Hone in on your favorite former member, lane their media appearances, twitter incessantly, and breathe wish into rumors of a 1D reunion.

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This week, a puzzling add-on allegedly seemed on a “events” section of One Direction’s website, patrician “future events.” Fans on Twitter couldn’t conflict or hoop a news that a organisation could reunite. It was only too much.

The add-on is no longer visible on a One Direction web portal, though a brief life inspired #ThisIsNotTheEndOfOneDirection. Fans common screenshots of a justification and were deeply unhappy when “future events” disappeared. Whether it was an honest mistake or a pointed provoke from 1D management, it gave fans something to speak about.

Here are some of a best tweets #ThisIsNotTheEndOfOneDirection inspired:

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