What it’s like to cameo in One Direction’s ‘Perfect’ song video – by a lady …

October 24, 2015 - one direction

Once you’d got over the initial OHMAGAHDGERDHELP ​emotions One Direction’s ‘Perfect’ strain video desirous within you, one of a questions we substantially asked yourself was ‘hey, who’s that girl?’ 

You know, a brunette seen larking about with a guys in a hotel room, before Harry Styles playfully covers her eyes. The one we all wish to be and are perplexing to be happy for, notwithstanding the burning fire of jealousy in a fangirl hearts. Ahem. 

ANYWAY – now pronounced lady has come brazen to discuss about her knowledge of being in an ACTUAL ONE DIRECTION VIDEO HOW IS SHE EVEN STILL ALIVE, and exhibit accurately how it all happened in a initial place. 

Her name is Dana Matthews, and she works for GQ, engagement talent for their cover shoots and interviews. Before that, she worked for Teen Vogue, that is how she knows a 1D boys – carrying worked with them several times for a mag. 

Speaking to her former colleagues during Teen Vogue, Dana suggested all about her ‘Perfect’ experience:

“One Direction and Columbia annals are a large attribute of mine,” she said, of how her cameo came about.  “I’ve been a believer of a boys from a beginning.” 

Errrr sorry, we’re gonna have to stop we there Dana, since YEAH so have we (in fact approach before anyone in a USA even knew who they were) and WE didn’t get invited to star in a vid. NO WE’RE NOT BITTER. 

Clearly formulating one of a many iconic videos of a fetus epoch – fave difference for boobs, anyone? – doesn’t count for anything in this world. But no, not bitter. 

 She continued: “We’ve had several adventures together forTeen Vogue and we overtly desired operative with them. Something clicked. Mike Navarra, their publicist, is a good crony of cave and asked me to be in a video as someone in a broadcasting universe they trust and know well.” 

Nepotism. NEP.O.TIS.M. Sorry. 

“When we initial got a call, we was overtly in shock,” pronounced Dana.  “I also wasn’t certain if I’d be in city since it’s was an impossibly bustling time during GQ. Thankfully, we was. 

“I was so honored, though we was also usually vehement to see them. This is such an sparkling time for them. Their fifth manuscript in 5 years. And they’re a fun organisation to be around.” 

As for what it was indeed like to film a scene, well, Dana motionless that it was about time to make us all even some-more jealous, since that’s usually how she rolls, apparently (we joke, we joke, she seems super nice): 

I got off a conveyor and it was a full One Direction production,” she said. “They had an whole building to themselves. We shot a stage several times, with them entrance in and giving me a hug. we got lots of hugs. 

“Then we all sat around a table. There were little sandwiches, and a boys were eating Mint Milanos — since we can’t contend no to those. We were joking around and usually talking. It’s funny, since we have been in a hotel room with them, interviewing them, usually like that. 

“They were revelation me all these fun stories about tour. we was shouting so hard. we can’t trust they enclosed a partial where Harry lonesome my eyes — that was unequivocally not planned.

“We talked about a new album… I was revelation them about my favorite songs, that are ‘Fireproof’ and ’18’, and they were like, “Aw, we adore 18! 18 could have been a good single.”

“Their favourite songs are “Stockholm Syndrome” and “Girl Almighty,” since in a track with 60,000 people, Niall was like, ‘you usually arise adult when we sing a strain like that’. 

“They still adore to get into effect and have fun while they work. By a finish of a shoot, there were throwing oranges during any other”. 

So there we have it – that’s what it’s like to be a usually lady on a One Direction video shoot. Quite a explain to fame. Although can we contend that we are a reason a Mario Kart interview exists, Dana? CAN YOU? 

No really, a word sour isn’t even in a vocabulary. 

What do we make of all this? Let us know with a twitter over @Sugarscape if we want. Oh, and we can review her full talk with Teen Vogue here

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