Where is One Direction’s Harry Styles? Why he’s in New York with …

March 16, 2017 - one direction

Just suspicion we competence like to know

We can’t assistance though feel this is a ease before a Harry Styles storm, y’know? With One Direction strictly on interregnum (boo), Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson already all adult in a charts and Liam Payne teasing his solo song from a studio; we competence be wondering where a ruin Harry is.

Well WONDER NO MORE, honeybunch. Ahead of a recover of Christopher Nolan’s new Dunkirk film this July, Harry’s over in New York adult to his aged tricks. Those tricks? Turning Directioners into PUTTY IN HIS HANDS by being bloody adorable.

Oh, and display off some estimable hair growth. ‘Cause that’s critical to us.

The final we scrupulously saw of Harreh was that shining solo Another Man repository fire late final year; and with his entrance manuscript apparently ‘close’ (his record tag CEO-fella Rob Stringer said so) he’s now in LA looking like an comprehensive dreamboat.


Also if this was a silent and/or mate, we’d substantially never pronounce to her again.

So what’s Harry adult to, exactly?

Oh, only pushing fans batshit bananas with his oh-so-charming ways.

One fan he met (LITERALLY SO JEALOUS) tweeted: “My father pronounced to Harry “thank we we conclude you” and Harry shook his palm and thanked him THANKED HIM.”

Got that? Thanked him. Anything else? Er…

All in all utterly eventful, really. Right, now where’s this solo manuscript son?


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