Which One Direction Member Has a Most Solo Potential? A Ranking

August 26, 2015 - one direction

For all a perks, being in a long-running child rope these days contingency also be a bit annoying. Not usually is your any pierce as a organisation seen as a step towards certain death, though your particular value is constantly being reassessed formed on a odds that you’ll go on to serve success as a solo artist, regardless of how most seductiveness you’ve indeed voiced in being one. With former pop-group members like Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé environment that bar for success so high, it can seem like you’re being set adult to destroy before we even start. we mean, Google “Chris Kirkpatrick 2015.”

Though they’ve couched rumors of a full-blown dissection as a well-earned interregnum in 2016, One Direction — quite following Zayn’s departure —  now live and die in this solo-career arms race. But a thing is, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik were placed into a rope privately because X Factor judges didn’t consider they were earnest adequate away to pierce brazen as solo artists. One Direction’s seductiveness has always been secure in a members’ ability to move out any other’s best qualities and recompense for one another’s diseased spots as performers, and they’re all softened off for carrying worked together: stronger vocalists, certainly, and softened entertainers all around. This isn’t a conditions where one of them was exceedingly hindered by being partial of a group; nothing of them would exist, culturally speaking, though a group.

But in a star where carrying an assembly is everything, there’s small need for a members of One Direction to perspective a by-the-books solo cocktail career as their usually choice for post-band success. The band’s fan bottom has been conditioned to support a boys with open hearts (and wallets) for years now, and if those fans can be assured to hang around, it doesn’t unequivocally matter if mainstream cocktail enlightenment continues to compensate attention. There’s a whole star of immature people starting song careers off five-second Vines and #aesthetic Instagram accounts given it doesn’t unequivocally matter what we do anymore as prolonged as people wish to watch we do it. One Direction’s core fans caring about a music, though they also caring a lot about a boys, and there’s no reason to assume they’ll stop caring usually given they’re not operative in unanimity anymore.

Since their solo careers are a subject of so most conjecture this week, it’s value holding a demeanour during that members of 1D could feasibly lift it off. We’ll start during a slightest expected and work a approach to Zayn, a guide of wish in a dialect of Timberlakeian potential, and give them all particular assessments formed on a sweet, honeyed songs they’ve done together.


With all due respect, there is no star in that scrappy, sharp-edged Louis Tomlinson goes on to a career as a solo artist. With a baby (A BABY!!) on a approach and a vested seductiveness in a financial success and repute of his hometown football bar a Doncaster Rovers, ol’ Tommo will have adequate on his image in a entrance year though interesting a thought of unresolved his repute on a voice he never had most certainty in to start with.

Likelihood of normal solo stardom: “C’mon, C’mon” [sung sarcastically]
Likelihood of alighting an X Factor judging gig that ideally showcases his eye for talent and inclination for mouthing off:
“Better Than Words”


It’s tough to pinpoint a kind of solo career Niall would pursue given it’s not transparent it’s ever occurred to him to consider about one. While his low-pitched talents have dramatically softened given his teenagers — even some-more so after Zayn’s deficiency forced him serve into a spotlight vocally — he’s created partially fewer songs than his bandmates and doesn’t seem to spend most time in a studio, preferring instead a report of laid-back middle-aged-dude activities, like day-drinking during tennis matches, golfing with PGA professionals, and attack adult Eagles concerts. Plus, he’s simply One Direction’s biggest fan. Niall’s substantially gonna be a Danny Ocean who convinces a others to dump all for one final large heist.

Likelihood of normal solo stardom: “I Wish”
Likelihood of going into politics and combining a jam rope with some pals on a side:
“I Would”


As a Bieber-haired teen, Liam’s unaccompanied concentration was to be a cocktail star. He wanted it so bad that when he got a foot off The X Factor in 2008, he doubled down, got better, and came behind in 2010 dynamic to make it to a finals. Watching him recalibrate his opinion and priorities when Simon Cowell instead threw him in a child rope was like examination a straight-A tyro forced into formulation a organisation display with a desirable though ridiculous idiots during a behind of a class, though it’s a best thing that could have happened to Liam. Present-day Liam is looser, some-more confident, and still in possession of a eternal appetite and trained talent it takes to perform in front of stadium-size audiences forever. He’s also spent a past few years actively training a details and outs of song production, co-writing most of 1D’s element with Louis, and releasing remixes underneath a moniker DJ Payno. These efforts would be a intelligent long-term plan for him, as there’s a strain of puppy-dog ardour about him that doesn’t indispensably nonsense with a sex seductiveness indispensable to severely contest in a surprisingly slight genre that is a solo masculine pop-star, now dominated by grown-and-sexy Jonas brothers and a dude who creates a indicate of showing off D’Angelo–in-his-prime abs. Going it alone wouldn’t be a misfortune idea, though if operative in a organisation absolved him of his need to be core stage, he’s all set to be an attention buttress regardless.

Likelihood of normal solo stardom: “Na Na Na”
Likelihood of Gary Barlow–ing his approach into essay a measure for a vital West End musical: “Ready to Run”


Harry, Harry, Harry. The easiest to notice and easiest to love, Harry was pegged as a Justin Timberlake of a organisation from day one and, as recently as a year ago, seemed to be laying a grounds to go it alone (at least, that’s how cozying adult to a Azoff family appears from a outside). Any solo efforts would positively be tenderly perceived by … well, everyone: fans who’ve affianced critical devotion to him; people in a attention who’ve prolonged been assured a solo career was his destiny; Average Joes who commend his name and his free charm. But it stays misleading if those ambitions are his, or if they’ve usually been projected onto him. If anything, 2015 has seen him cook down considerably. Onstage, he’s still a expansive show-pony we know and love, though offstage, he’s kept quiet. His amicable media participation has incited into a arrange of robotic exercise of “thank you”s and “all a love”s. His amicable life has been documented some-more by secrecy fan pics than mix photos. Is he gearing adult for something big, or negligence his hurl to prep for a correct break? (Either way, he softened watch out for Harvey Weinstein, who’s expected creation deals with any demon he can find in hopes of locking Harry into some kind of remunerative film contract.)

Likelihood of normal solo stardom: “Irresistible”
Likelihood of retreating to a Swedish yoga basement to discuss and ghostwrite unhappy adore songs for destiny teen idols: “Everything About You”


Zayn’s hazed three-octave effort and his impossibly beautiful, infuriatingly exquisite face are reason adequate to clear a solo career in a year 2015, though rising and nutritious it will need a opposite set of collection that Zayn hasn’t quiiiite mastered. As shortly as 1D left The X Factor, Zayn was dubbed “the Mysterious One” and “the Bad Boy” by media outlets too idle and/or extremist to some-more accurately execute a soft-spoken Muslim child who could coincidentally wear a ruin out of a leather jacket. Leaving 1D gives him a event to conclude himself now, and that’s good news all around, even for Directioners. His voice and low-pitched sensibilities align good with a kind of artists he’s voiced seductiveness in operative with (and have voiced seductiveness in wanting to work with him), trimming from Frank Ocean and Tyler, a Creator to Chris Brown and U.K. hip-hop up-and-comers Krept Konan. With a right producers (like Ocean co-operator Malay), Zayn could be a next-level vocalist with a clever hip-hop-tinged RB-pop entrance and a grade of evident success as some-more of a force in a studio than on a road. (Also, Brown could mount to have foe as mainstream rap’s masculine hook-singer of choice.) All this wouldn’t erase his story of disinterest in promotional work, his generally pale theatre presence, or a disconcerting believe of how many bridges he burnt in a name of vital as a “normal 22-year-old” usually to do an about-face and sign a understanding with RCA, though it’s a really good place to start. His clinging fan bottom is fervent to do whatever they can to rouse his talents, and it substantially wouldn’t take most to win behind a fans he hurt by peaceing out of 1D.

Likelihood of normal solo stardom: “Why Don’t We Go There”
Likelihood of eventually apropos a face of a tellurian high-fashion campaign: “Fireproof”

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