Why is One Direction father Louis Tomlinson being BLASTED? Unfair to Briana Jungwirth?

November 20, 2016 - one direction

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson’s son Freddie is now scarcely a year-old, and what a violent year it’s been for both Louis and Freddie’s mother, Briana Jungwirth.

Since small Freddie done his universe entrance in Jan of this year, there have been a crowd of headlines around a universe alleging that Louis and Briana have struggled to co-parent a tot…

However, most of a passion that’s pronounced to be between Louis and Briana seems to branch from a fact that Louis is dating Danielle Campbell, who has, by default, turn a large partial of Freddie’s life.

And not wholly unreasonably, Briana hasn’t been gentle with another lady personification such a large purpose in her son’s life…

But of course, it’s not satisfactory to ask Louis to keep Danielle and Freddie apart, since obviously, if Louis and Danielle settle down and get married, afterwards Danielle will be Freddie’s stepmother.

However, that’s not a usually emanate that’s reportedly been a problem for a One Direction thespian and socialite Briana, since it’s also been purported that Louis doesn’t wish images of Freddie being posted online…

On a flipside of that yet is a fact that – again understandably – Briana loves to uncover off her beautiful son. And One Direction fans adore it when she does!

But that said, many One Direction fans have criticised Briana for how she relatives Freddie, and in particular, whenever Briana is seen carrying a night out, a abuse can get vicious, and she’s been indicted of being a “bad mother” repeatedly.

However, when Louis Tomlinson is seen out and about partying, nobody seems to lift an eyebrow…

Which is what led one Directioner to tell us that in her view, that’s totally unfair.

The 1D fan – who wishes to sojourn unknown – said, “It’s such hypocrisy…

“If Briana so most as goes out for a coffee, a world’s on her behind for withdrawal Freddie behind.

“But Louis parties all a time, and nobody ever tells him he’s a bad father for it!”

What do we think? Is it astray that Briana is bloody for going out and enjoying herself while nobody seems to criticize Louis for doing accurately that?

Let us know, and call behind shortly for some-more One Direction news.

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