You Won’t Believe How Much All The Members Of One Direction Are Now Worth

March 30, 2017 - one direction

29 Mar 2017, 14:48

Clue… it’s an UNBELIEVABLE amount.

OK, we know a One Direction boys are mega rich, though even a jaws strike a building when it was suggested accurately how most any member of One Direction is now worth…

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Yep, any and any member of a rope is value during slightest £50million, creation their total value over a entertain of a BILLION – not bad for 5 boys from a X Factor, eh? 

Harry Styles is a richest member with £56million, closely followed by Liam Payne who has £54mill in a bank. Zayn Malik and Niall Horan have a flattering cold £51million any while Louis Tomlinson comes in final during £50million (not that we’d be angry to have that most money fibbing around!).

All a boys are 25 years or under, and according to Companies House, a rope sole 10 shares in their company, 1D Media, for £70,131,909, concealment them over £14million each.

As good as that, a boys all get royalties from their other companies, Rollcall Touring and PPM, and are starting their solo ventures given a rope went on hiatus, that will be certain to net them even some-more cash.

A source tighten to One Direction told a Daily Mail, “Almost from a off a boys were intensely shrewd when it came to matters of a purse. They perceived sound financial recommendation true away, and nothing of them have been forward with their earnings.

“The devise was always to get to this situation, and have a leisure to pursue what they unequivocally wanted. In 10 years’ time, they could simply be value £100 million each. It unequivocally is utterly incredible.”

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