Zayn Kinda, Sorta Wishes He’d Never Joined One Direction

November 4, 2016 - one direction

Zayn Malik contains multitudes. In a new interview with ES Magazine, he reveals a few facets we haven’t seen most of before — namely, his ambivalence about carrying been a partial of One Direction in a initial place.

Though Zayn didn’t go so distant as to contend he regrets fasten One Direction, he has gained some viewpoint he didn’t have during a band’s formation. If he could do it all over again, he competence not opt for luminary after all — and he really would wait a few years before climbing a luminary ranks.

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“I was really ignorant during 17,” Zayn told ES. “I suspicion going on X Factor meant we won a million pounds and got a agreement during a finish of it. And we was like: ‘Shit. All my problems are solved.’”

It incited out that signing a record understanding combined some-more problems that Zayn couldn’t even suppose as a teen. When asked what recommendation he would give his 17-year-old self, Zayn initial quipped, “Don’t do it.” But afterwards he clarified: “Do your investigate and be a bit some-more prepared about certain situations before we make a decision.”

Though he’s “super thankful” for his years in 1D, he says he eventually would have let himself do a bit some-more flourishing adult before leaping into a limelight. “I substantially wouldn’t have [signed] — we would’ve waited a integrate some-more additional years. Just so we had that time to only get my conduct around being a famous person. I’ve never been means to have, what’s a word? Anonymity,” he said. “If we could go back, I’d have a few some-more years of anonymity.”

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