Zayn Malik & 1D: Epic Remix Of ‘Pillowtalk’ & ‘End Of The Day’ Is Life Changing — Listen

March 4, 2016 - one direction

It’s a strife of a ex-bandmates — and it’s incredible! A Twitter user combined a mashup of Zayn Malik’s ‘Pillowtalk’ and One Direction’s ‘End Of The Day,’ and it’s an epic sign of the boys’ days as a fivesome. Listen to a remix here!

Zayn Malik may not be on a best terms with One Direction now, though their strain positively meshes amazingly well! Although Zayn is on a some-more RB lane given withdrawal a group, his song “Pillowtalk” happens to sound good with 1D’s “End Of The Day.” The guys might not be too thrilled to hear their songs being remixed together, though we’re positively swooning over it!

Who knew we’d hear Zayn in a One Direction strain in 2016? Okay, he’s not actually in a song, though we could roughly be fooled that he is interjection to this remix! A Twitter user named Eminik Official somehow came adult with a shining thought to brew Zayn’s singular with one of his former band’s marks from Made In The A.M., their post-Zayn album — and did a unusual pursuit with it. Talk about giving us all a feels!

The strain caters some-more to a RB feel of “Pillowtalk,” giving “End Of The Day” a slow-jam treatment. But Eminik managed to make it sound like a totally opposite strain by subsidy a remix with a light EDM beat. Take a listen to it and see what we think!

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Okay, this is severely a work of a genius. The strange songs frequency sound anything like any other, so a minds are blown! But considering a bad blood that Zayn has combined with a boys given withdrawal One Direction in Mar 2015, we’re meditative they competence not be so smitten with a mashup. In fact, Zayn has trashed 1D’s music, observant it was “never cool” — so conference how good his strain mashes with theirs competence even crippled him out!

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Then again, One Direction is how Zayn got his start, and it’s tough to repudiate that his voice fit ideally with a rest of a guys’. And they recently paid reverence to Zayn in their video for “History,” so clearly they skip him a small bit! Instead of creation them all upset, maybe this remix will remonstrate them that they need to work together again? How extraordinary that would be!

What do we consider of a One Direction/Zayn mashup, HollywoodLifers? How do we consider a guys feel about it? Tell us below!

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