Zayn Malik Admits He ‘Never Really Spoke’ to Harry Styles While in One Direction

September 14, 2017 - one direction

Since Zayn Malik left One Direction in 2015, he hasn’t hold behind his thoughts on his former group, either it be in interviews or on amicable media. But in his latest interview, instead of holding shots, Malik gave reason to why he hasn’t quite uttered most about Harry Styles.

“To be honest, we never unequivocally spoke to Harry even when we was in a band,” Malik told Us Weekly. “So we didn’t unequivocally design that most of a attribute with him when we left. And we haven’t [had one], to be honest.”

Even but Styles in a mix, Malik hasn’t wholly mislaid hold with a other rope members. The 24-year-old and Payne exchanged intense tweets on a band’s anniversary in 2015, and Louis Tomlinson recently announced that a bad blood between them — caused by a exhilarated Twitter sell in 2015 — had been settled. So when it comes to reuniting all 5 One Direction members again, Malik isn’t totally opposite a idea.

“Who knows? I’ve pronounced it before: Never contend never,” he told the magazine. “If we wanted to come behind in 10, 15 years time, afterwards yeah, because not? we don’t know. If we didn’t wish to [be in a band] then, we competence not. It only depends on how I’m feeling during that time.”

In a meantime, Malik is prepping for a recover of his sophomore solo effort, that he recently kicked off with a dynamic Sia partnership “Dusk Til Dawn.” As for either a absolute new strain hints during what he has coming, Malik insists that he’s not adhering to one genre.

“There’s a lot of opposite kinds of song on it,” he said. “I like to do whatever I’m feeling that day, whatever’s feeling good. There’s still a lot of soulful RB tunes on there, there’s some bar tunes on there, there’s some some-more apparent cocktail songs as well.”

Malik has nonetheless to exhibit a recover date for his new album. Meanwhile, Styles is in a gearting adult for his initial North American debate in support of his self-titled solo debut.

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