Zayn Malik is Working With a Boy Band That’s NOT One Direction

August 4, 2016 - one direction

Zayn Malik might have left One Direction since he couldn’t take a child rope lifestyle anymore, though he’s not finished with child bands only yet.

According to The Sun, Zayn is fasten a new super organisation — or during slightest a TV uncover formed on one. He’s sealed on as executive writer on a new TV array about a 1D-style group.

The uncover will follow One Direction a illusory child band’s trials and tribulations as they onslaught to find a record tag to turn a tellurian phenomenon.

A source tighten to a devise suggested that Zayn is holding a devise really severely since he connects with a material. “This is a large understanding for Zayn,” a insider told The Sun. “He has been penetrating to get stranded into opposite projects outward of song and this is a ideal move. It’s a theme he knows lots about and he will call on his practice to advise a scriptwriters on a show.”

So, basically, we can design all to start out extraordinary for a child rope before it all falls apart. At slightest if Zayn’s knowledge with 1D is anything to go by.

The oddest partial about all this is that, apparently, a producers of a uncover devise for a illusory organisation to turn genuine low-pitched artists who’ll launch a draft career outward of a show. You know, kind of like Big Time Rush off of Big Time Rush.

I’d consider Zayn would advise them opposite that devise if he hated being in a made rope like One Direction so much, though whatevs. Maybe they don’t design a rope to last…

Anyway, producers will start casting a uncover subsequent month and Zayn will be consulting scriptwriters and producers during a preference process. There’s no pointer that Zayn is going to be starring in a show, though as an executive producer, he could expel himself in a role, right? Maybe as a illusory rope member who leaves a band? He’s got personal knowledge with that, after all.

*DISCLAIMER: A sour Directioner wrote this post.*

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