Zayn Malik Says One Direction Reunion Could Happen ‘If Time Was Right’

January 25, 2016 - one direction

Zayn Malik might be operative a solo track though a former child bander can’t seem to evasion inquiries about his ex-group One Direction.

After deliberating a subsequent proviso of his career in a recent Billboard cover story, a 23-year-old thespian already contemplated a destiny after Sunday Times Culture magazine asked about a intensity reunion.

“Who knows?…I don’t know,” pronounced Malik, who separate from a organisation final May. “If a time was right and that was a thing to do, afterwards we would make that preference when it came around.”

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While Malik’s stirring RCA entrance is due this spring, he’s teased a singular “Befour,” perhaps a curtsy to 1D’s final manuscript Four. Zayniacs might be watchful with bated exhale for new Malik  tunes — his initial singular will dump Friday —  but he also certified in his Sunday Times Culture cover story that he could be furthering his studies. 

“You know what, to teach yourself isn’t that tough these days,” he said. “You can do it during home. You can go to lectures – usually lay there, that hopefully, during some point, we can do – like, usually lay and listen to a lecture.”

He combined that a educational try would be “something that is only, only for me, we know what we mean? And when my kids ask me, in a future, and we try to tell them to go to school, they can’t spin around and contend to me, ‘F— off, Dad, we were in a band!’ we can spin around and say, ‘Excuse me, we went behind to propagandize and got my degree. So we really have to do your schoolwork!”

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