Zayn Malik’s Emotional Reunion With One Direction After Ugly Naughty Boy Fight

July 14, 2015 - one direction

Zaughty Boy is so over! After an nauseous open brawl between Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy, EXCLUSIVELY schooled a thespian reached out to the guys of One Direction for support. Get a dip on their romantic reunion here!

In an astonishing spin of events, Zayn Malik, 22, dropped Naughty Boy, 30, from his life got back in hold with his former bandmates. Zayn and a guys of One Direction haven’t talked most given he quit, but EXCLUSIVELY schooled a former rope members are on a highway to improving their relationship.

Could we design a 5/5 reunion soon?! Maybe not, though now that Zayn is no longer friends with Naughty Boy after their public fallout, he finally realizes who has his best seductiveness during heart. “Zayn has oral to Louis Tomlinson, 23, and a 1D boys in a past few weeks after realizing some-more and some-more that Naughty Boy was usually out for himself,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY suggested to Thankfully Zayn started to see a light. Ever given he quit One Direction and started removing tighten to Naughty Boy, Zayn experienced some-more negativity than ever.

He even got into a Twitter fight with his once best crony in a group. “Zayn indeed apologized to Louis for all a crap that went down,” a insider pronounced of a singer’s romantic reunion with his low-pitched mates. “Zayn wanted to strech out and make certain they all knew he was still their brother.” How really mature of him. It’s nice to know all that play between Zayn and Louis is over and finished with. Now everybody can go behind to creation music!

Harry Styles Talks First Album Without Zayn Malik

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Just since Zayn left a rope doesn’t meant a guys of One Direction were going to stop creation music. When a thespian announced his depart from a group, a rope didn’t have most time to weep their loss. They went behind into a studio and started working on their fifth studio album. “The songs are entrance together quickly, so we’re buzzing with a new stuff,” Harry told Entertainment Weekly. “It carries a somewhat new identity.”

HollywoodLifers, are we still anticipating for Zayn to reunite with One Direction?

— Michelle Phi